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The Surrogacy program

We search and carefully select surrogate mothers who will become a reliable partner in the bearing and giving birth to your baby.

The Surrogacy program

Surrogate motherhood is one of the modern methods of assisted reproduction, with the help of which it is possible to overcome infertility. This method involves fertilizing the gametes (germ cells) of the genetic parents in an embryological laboratory and transferring the resulting embryo to a surrogate mother — a woman who has agreed to carry, give birth and transfer the child to the genetic parents. If there are appropriate medical indications, donor cells can be used for fertilization, but they cannot be the cells of a surrogate mother.

The choice of a woman whom you entrust to carry and give birth to your child is an important and responsible step. We are always ready to help you make it, but the final decision is on you!

ASMED helps couples find a surrogate mother in Sochi and other cities to implement a surrogacy program. Our database of candidates includes; examined young ladies, healthy and decent, fully meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Health for surrogate mothers. We will also find surrogates in accordance with your wishes.

For genetic parents, the ASMED Surrogate Mom and Egg Donor Association offers the following services:

  • — selection of a surrogate mother that meets the wishes of clients, legal requirements, and recommendations of a reproductologist;
  • — assistance in choosing a clinic for conducting a surrogacy program in Sochi, Krasnodar and other cities;
  • — coordination and control of the process of synchronizing cycles of surrogate and genetic mothers;
  • — organization and control of participation in the surrogate program (preparation for transfer, embryo transfer, pregnancy diagnosis);
  • — registration of a surrogate mother for pregnancy;
  • — pregnancy patronage, monitoring that surrogate mother complies all recommendations and doctor appointments, individual supervision and support at all stages of pregnancy before childbirth;
  • — birth control;
  • — registration of a born child in the registry office;
  • — legal support of the entire program;
  • — psychological support.

— The Surrogacy program

The program begins with the selection, re-examination, and approval of the surrogate by reproductologist who will conduct the treatment. Genetic parents are also going through examination.

When the reproductologist is approving the candidacy, then the Association, the surrogate mother, and genetic parents concluding all necessary consents and agreements.

Then, if necessary, with the help of medication, the reproductologist synchronizes the menstrual cycles of the genetic mother and surrogate mother.

The genetic mother is taking medications that help stimulate ovulation to develop mature eggs, and when the eggs mature, they are retrieved and prepared for fertilization. At the same time, the specialists are preparing the biological material of the father (or donor).

Using the obtained germ cells, the embryologist carries out fertilization and cultivates the embryos.

As a rule, on the fifth day, 1-2 best embryos are selected and transferred to the surrogate mother for pregnancy (the remaining embryos of genetic parents can be frozen and stored in a clinic for future use). Before the transfer, the surrogate mother undergoes a checkup at the reproductologist; after the procedure, she receives recommendations on supporting pregnancy.

On the 12-14th day after the transfer, the surrogate mother passes a blood test for HCG to confirm pregnancy and then visits the reproductologist for an ultrasound.

After confirming the pregnancy, the surrogate mother gets registered, she regularly visits the doctor who will conduct the pregnancy. When necessary, at the prescribed time, the surrogate mother goes to the maternity hospital or perinatal center where the child is born.  Each month of pregnancy, the surrogate receives fixed payments. All these stages are organized and controlled by our curator.

If parents want to hide the surrogate mother’s participation in the birth of their child, we offer to imitate the pregnancy with false bellies, which genetic mother uses all the time before the baby is born.

After birth, our specialists draw up all the necessary documentation for recording the newborn in the registry office as a child of genetic parents. We make the final calculation with the surrogate mother.

— Remuneration of a surrogate mother

Remuneration of surrogate matter with participation in the program, including the amount of monthly fixed payments from the moment of pregnancy, is based on the individual wishes of the surrogate herself.

After the birth of a child and the signing of consent for the baby transfer to genetic parents, the surrogate mother receives the principal amount of payment.

The surrogate mother does not pay for all examinations, tests, and screenings. Transportation costs are compensated.