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For clients of the program

We pay attention not only to the medical and legal aspects of surrogate mother selection, but also to the human factor.

For clients of the program

Sometimes the health of a woman who wants to become a mother does not allow her to endure pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby on her own. In this case, a surrogate (substitute) motherhood program can help. For many years, this method of overcoming infertility has helped thousands of people become parents of their own healthy children.

In surrogate motherhood, fertilization takes place in an embryological laboratory. For this purpose, pre-prepared germ cells obtained from genetic parents are used. Specialists-embryologists cultivate embryos, and then the doctor-reproductologist transfers the strongest embryo (sometimes two) to a surrogate mother-a woman who agrees to carry and officially transfer the child to its native parents after giving birth. There is no genetic connection between the baby and the surrogate mother, he inherits the features of appearance and health exclusively from people whose cells participated in fertilization, i.e. from genetic parents. Sometimes a reproductologist may recommend the use of donor cells, but one woman cannot act as both a donor and a surrogate mother at the same time.

In Russia, the use for the treatment of infertility is allowed at the legislative level. This method of assisted reproduction can be used by single (i.e., non-partner) women and couples who are in an unregistered / registered marriage

We get a written consent from the surrogate mother to transfer the born baby to the parents. On the basis of this document, the official registration of the child takes place — the same birth certificate is issued as for other children. The document specifies only his genetic father and mother.

Thanks to the opening of a branch of the Association of Surrogate Mothers and Oocyte Donors in Sochi, substitution motherhood programs have become more accessible to residents and guests of the resort city, as well as the entire Black Sea coast. ASMED will not only select the ideal candidate for the program for you, but also provide full support-from organizational to legal issues.

— Selection criteria of the surrogate mother

ASMED has its database of surrogate mothers. For all participants, we require to be psychologically ready for the program (especially the transfer of the child) and in a healthy state.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of August 30, 2012, No. 107N On the Procedure for Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Contraindications, and Restrictions on Their Use, the following requirements are applied on surrogate mother:

  • — age from 20-35 years;
  • — the presence of at least one own healthy child;
  • — passing the examination according to the list approved by the Order.

Also, our candidates undergo an additional examination with the reproductologist, and consultations with a psychologist, then the candidates receive an expert opinion on the possibility of participation in the program of substitute motherhood. ASMED prefers candidates without bad habits and who is living a healthy lifestyle.

We pay attention not only to the medical and legal aspects when selecting the surrogates but also to the human factor. All surrogate mothers sign written consent for medical intervention during the program. If a married woman wants to act as a surrogate mother, she must provide the notarized consent of her spouse to carry and give birth to a third party.

— Benefits of selecting a surrogate mother at ASMED

We have extensive experience in searching for and selecting potential surrogate mothers. All women have passed the examination, and they received a conclusion about the ability to become a surrogate mother and are ready to join the program!

We prepare a detailed profile of each surrogate mother: it contains a photo, a description of the look, a biography, information about education, work, hobbies, habits, living conditions, etc. Women with bad habits do not fall into our database; all candidates know the responsibility of substitution motherhood. If you have special wishes, in accordance with them, our team will select a surrogate mother for you individually.

Before the program starts, genetic parents can meet the surrogate mother in person. You can keep anonymity, and not meet with a surrogate - the entire program is organized and controlled by the ASMED curators. They monitor if the surrogate mother is complying with all doctor's prescriptions.

If any circumstances arise in which the surrogate cannot participate in the program, we quickly and free of charge select a new candidate.

Thanks to competent legal support, as well as the responsibility and decency of our moms, you can be sure that we will complete all documents for recording a child on time.

The choice of a woman whom you entrust to carry and give birth to your child is an important and responsible step. We are always ready to help you make it, but the final decision is on you!