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For clients of the program

For each client, the donor is selected individually - the recommendations of the reproductive specialist and the personal preferences of the parents are taken into account.

For clients of the program

Although the problem of female infertility remains relevant, in most cases, modern reproductive technologies make it possible to overcome it, including the help of an oocyte (germ cell) donation program. Eco with donor oocytes is allowed in many countries, including Russia.

Eco with the usage of donor oocytes is similar to the standard in vitro fertilization program, in which only female reproductive cells are received from donors, but not from expectant mothers. Donors are young women, who voluntarily on a mutually beneficial basis, provide their germ cells for IVF.

The ASMED Association of Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors took over the search for decent, healthy donors that meet the needs of future parents and all the requirements of the law. We also provide solutions for all legal issues for both parties involved in the program.

The program begins with the selection of the donor, his re-examination, and approval by the reproductologist. Then, the doctor must synchronize the menstrual cycles of the donor and the expectant mother. The program of stimulating ovulation is prepared for the donor - hormonal medicine is selected, the use of which contributes to the maturation of not one, but several follicles. This will help get more oocytes, which leads to more embryos.

Once every few days, a reproductologist using ultrasound checks how the donor's eggs mature and then determines the day of the puncture - procedure for their extraction. The embryologist processing the punctured cells and fertilizes them with the cells of the future father (or donor). The received embryos (1 or 2) are placed into the uterine cavity of the expectant mother, where they begin to develop as during normal pregnancy.

— Donor choosing criteria

Since the health of the donor directly affects the health of the child, high standards apply to all candidates. The donor must comply with the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Health dated 30.08.012 No. 107n On the procedure for using assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications, and restrictions on their use:

  • — health (mental, physical, genetic);
  • — age from 18 to 35 years.

We also prefer donors with a pleasant appearance and harmonious proportions of the body who do not have bad habits and already have their own healthy children.

— Benefits of choosing a donor at ASMED

For each client, we select donors individually and take into consideration the recommendations of the reproductologist and the personal preferences of the parents. For any of our clients, we fully provide donor database, without any restrictions. Each donor has a detailed profile that contains his/her photos, pictures of his/her children and parents. Before starting the stimulation, the donor is undergoing re-examination in the best clinics in the city. A female donor will not know who used her cells; the clients are completely anonymous for the donors.

Also, clients do not need to meet with a donor - his participation in the program and fulfilling all requirements of a reproductologist are organized by our experienced curators. If some circumstances arise in which the donor cannot continue to participate in the program, we will select a new donor, free of charge as soon as possible, that will meet all your requirements.

If you have any difficulty in choosing a donor, we are always ready to help to choose a new candidate in accordance with your individual requirements!