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Our advantages

ASMED conducts surrogacy and oocyte donation programs strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Our advantages

The ASMED Association of Surrogate Moms and Egg Donors is the first organization in Sochi specializing in the selection of surrogate mothers and egg donors and accompanying assisted reproduction programs with their participation. All employees of the Association are specialists in their field. Why those who want to become a parent, and those who are willing to help with this, trust us?

— Complex approach

We are cooperating with leading reproduction clinics in Sochi and Krasnodar. All donors and surrogate mothers undergo a thorough examination in centers with modern equipment under the guidance of experienced reproductologists. If you have not yet chosen the clinic for an IVF program or surrogacy, we can recommend a reproduction center according to your requirements and wishes.

— Own an extensive database of donors and surrogate mothers

We work without intermediaries and constitute our database of candidates who meet medical requirements and are ready to participate in the assisted reproduction program. The database contains detailed information about the candidates and is open to our customers. If genetic parents want, ASMED selects the donor or surrogate mother individually, according to their wishes and recommendations of the reproductologist.

— Legal securities for both parties

Lawyers are developing all documentation and strictly regulate each stage of the program of surrogacy or donation, protecting the rights of parents and surrogate mothers/donors. Clients can always contact us to clarify any legal issues of participation in the program. We operate in accordance with the legislative framework. ASMED runs surrogacy program and oocyte donation strictly following the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, in compliance with the Civil and Family Code of the Russian Federation.

— Supervision of the donation and surrogacy programs

The curator organizes visit for the donor and surrogate mother to a reproductologist, who controls the execution of the doctor’s prescriptions, and ASMED provides psychological support to all participants in the program.

— Special offers for biological parents, donors, and surrogates

For parents, who want to hide the participation of a surrogate mother in the birth of a child, ASMED offers a mock pregnancy service using false bellies. For experienced surrogate mothers and donors, we provide bonus payments for participation in programs.

The ASMED Association of Surrogate Moms and Egg Donors creates comfortable and protected conditions for all participants in donation and surrogacy programs. The result of our work is the birth and official registration of a long-awaited child for the client and guaranteed remuneration for the donor / surrogate mother.